Bentley's Fish Dog Food

Bentley’s Taste of the Ocean is our flagship recipe that has taken years of research and study to formulate and produce. It has the highest possible quality of ingredients available in a complete dry kibble, being the FIRST in the UK to break over the 80% animal ingredient barrier. This premium product is truly a food for life and part of a very select few foods in the UK that are highly rated by

High Protein Dog Food Superfood

BENTLEY’S Superfood Blend Range offer well balanced nutrition and high quality protein. Each food is supplemented with a blend of 5 carefully selected Superfoods such as Dill, Spinach and Fennel, each with their own unique benefits to improve the health of your dog. The Superfood Blend range provides an excellent healthy diet, but can also act as a great stepping stone towards our ‘Taste of’ Range, which resembles a dog’s natural diet as close as possible for a dry complete food.

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