Enki Disposable Eco Friendly Dog Travel Towel – Pack of 3


The worlds most luxurious eco friendly disposable dog travel towel.


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Dog Travel Towel – Pack of 3, Eco-Friendly and Re-usable!


Enki Pooch’s eco friendly towels are an essential item to pack for your muddy walk! They are super absorbent dog towels, just ring dry and re-use. Disposable and environmentally friendly, however you can even wash them and keep them for your next trip! Perfect for camping trips, dog walks, days on the beach and rainy days. You can even cut them to size and line the boot of the car to stop a soggy dog mess and help them dry! Our Dog Travel Towels are of such high quality, that many grooming salons use these on a daily basis instead of regular towels. The super absorbency saves time and also money in comparison to washing and drying regular towels. Grab a pack for the car and a pack for the dog bag for a hassle and mess free walk.

Dog Travel Towel Benefits

  • The worlds most luxurious eco friendly disposable dog travel towel.
  • Enki Pooch eco friendly dog towels are made of natural plant fibres, as a result they are 100% biodegradable.
  • Eco Friendly, 100% Hygienic as well as Re-usable.
  • Safe for all pets and you.
  • Is the dog travel towel too big for your dog? Simply cut to your desired size and get more miles from it.
  • Cost effective. Save time and therefore money.
  • Eliminate washing and drying dirty towels.
  • Kind to the environment because they can be recycled.

Customer satisfaction guaranteed.

For groomer and stockist bulk order prices for the disposable towel, please contact us to enquire.


“We have used one dog travel towel to clean and dry our two Border Terriers after a walk. One towel is still ok after 3 weeks. We found the towel to be very absorbent and it dries out naturally quick. It is very efficient at removing mud from paws and coats.” – Annie & Michael

“I used Enki Pooch to dry off my Dog after she had been running through muddy fields. She was dry in seconds. Much faster than using conventional towels. The absorption rate was incredible. Just like a sponge. I can’t believe how a single sheet can soak up moisture and also dry the dog sufficiently to let her into the house in one go? Strongly recommend this product to all dog owners and will carry them in the car to keep the car clean in the future.” – Allan