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Combats Gingivitis, Plaque & Tartar, Oral Cavity Diseases and Bad Breath


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Don’t ignore the highly reviewed Emmi-Pet 1.0 which has identical technical specifications (oscillations per minute) as the Emmi-Pet 2.0 but at a lower price!


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Emmi-Pet Kit Contents:

  • 1 emmi®-pet Hand-Piece (1st or 2nd generation depending on your selection)
  • 1 emmi®-pet 100-240A Charging Station
  • 1 emmi®-pet A1/A2 Ultrasonic Attachments (1 big / 1 small)
  • 1 emmi®-pet ZA Ultrasonic Toothpaste for Pets – 75ml
  • UK Adapter Plug

Emmi-Pet Toothbrush Head Attachments Contents:

  • emmi®-pet Ultrasonic Attachments (2 big OR 2 small)
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Dental disease is a lot more common in Dogs than you may think, in both Teeth and Gums. These issues are not only painful for your dog, but can lead to even more serious problems such as Kidney and Heart disease. Emmi-Pet’s Ultrasonic Toothbrush for Dogs combats these issues with ease from the comfort of your own home. Without maintaining a dog’s dental hygiene, a trip to the Vet is a likely event. Unfortunately in these circumstances, one of the first solutions is for the Vet to sedate the dog using anaesthesia. Regardless of a dog’s general health, there is always a risk involved with anaesthetic.

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Ultrasonic Toothbrush for Dogs – UK Based

Luckily, there are products available for owners to maintain a high standard of oral hygiene and dental care, such as Emmi-Pet’s Ultrasonic Toothbrush for Dogs. It provides gentle dental cleaning for your pet being completely vibrationless and motionless. You can now comfortably give your dogs a ‘dentist-like’ clean from home, stress-free.

The patented Piezo Chip sits in the head of the brush, which generates up to 96 million multifrequency oscillations/minute in the form of air waves. This number can be compared to an electric toothbrush which has up to 40,000 oscillations per minute. The air waves generated by the ultrasonic toothbrush are transferred via the bristles to the specially formulated toothpaste, creating millions of ‘micro-bubbles’ which implode and effectively remove food, plaque and bacteria from the mouth.

Many groomers across the country are offering dental cleaning as a service, using the Emmi-Pet. If you are in the grooming or dog industry and are interested in offering this service, please get in touch and we can offer advice and after sales support using Emmi-Pet products with your clients.

Symptoms of Dental Disease in Dogs:

  • Bad breath
  • Consistent or dramatic weight loss
  • Pawing or rubbing of the mouth and face
  • Pain or difficulty eating
  • Visible inflammation or redness of gums
  • Excessive drooling
  • Blood in saliva
  • Preferring soft food to biscuits
  • Tartar build up
  • Facial swelling – can indicate a tooth root abscess
  • Wobbly, missing or broken teeth

Key Benefits of Emmi-Pet:

  • No Anaesthetic Necessary
  • Easy to use – simply moisten the brush, apply paste and hold onto teeth.
  • Does not require any brushing or abrasive action
  • Combat against Gingivitis and Periodontitis
  • Fix Bad Breath
  • Combat against Oral Cavity Diseases
  • Fight Tartar Build Up
  • Energy Saving Function
  • Vibrationless as well as Motionless
  • Certified as an Animal Protection Oriented Product
  • Replacement Brush Head Attachments and Toothpaste Available Ongoing

Benefits of the Emmi-Pet 2.0 vs 1.0:

With the Emmi-Pet 2.0 (2nd generation) comes an improvement in the ultrasonic frequency.  The rate of this frequency affects how the ultrasonic is transferred. Thanks to this improvement, the ultrasonic is transported much more evenly to the targeted area, resulting in an even better clean than the Emmi-Pet 1.0.


Application and Additional Products:

Emmi-Pet Toothbrush recommended to use daily for 2-3 minutes. Simply moisten the head of the brush, apply toothpaste and hold onto the teeth. No more scrubbing or brushing.

Rosewood Sticks used after the application of the ultrasonic toothbrush for gentle removal of plaque, tartar and food particles.

Ultrasonic Attachments are purchased in double packs of big or small size. It is very important to replace the ultrasonic attachments of emmi®-pet after 3 months of use. After this time, the ability of the attachment bristles to effectively transmit ultrasound waves diminishes and therefore optimum dental cleaning and oral hygiene is no longer guaranteed.

Orozyme® Dental Gel (70gm) is ideally used alongside the toothbrush for additional dental care and oral hygiene. The gel helps maintain the natural balance of microorganisms in the mouth. Put directly into the mouth of your dog on both sides between the lips and gums. The composition adheres to the teeth and palate and allows the ingredients to remove existing plaque. In addition, it prevents the formation of new plaque and tartar, thus counteracting bad breath and possible inflammation. Apply directly to the mouth once per day.


Reviews for Emmi-Pet’s Ultrasonic Toothbrush for Dogs:

“I bought the tooth brush about a year ago. In the beginning we brushed the teeth every day for three weeks. My Sally did not have any problems with it. I can do anything with her. After that we were able to scrape off the dental calculus. From this point on she was free of dental calculus. Now we are practising the dental care one or two times a week. Do not be alarmed by the price. It really is worth it.” ~Jessica Egger

“My dog can be treated without resistance. Find it very good that the brush works silently. Therefore the dog has no stress. He likes the toothpaste too. We have used it now once and have already achieved a small success. I am glad to have bought it. In any case it saves an anesthetic.” ~Doris Feger

“I never would have thought this might work – but the dental calculus of my Labrador is gone. We fought a long time against it – bought special food etc. Unfortunately nothing seemed to work until I found emmi-pet. We are using the equipment now for 5 months and are completely satisfied. To all dog owners – this really is a GOOD INVESTMENT for your dog! I would make this purchase again.” ~Anna Stein

“We have dwarf dachshunds that really suffer from bad tartar and bad breath. Already after the 2nd APPLICATION bad breath had almost completely disappeared. Also the inflammations of the gums are noticeably reduced.” ~Kerstin B.

“Well what can I say about Emmipet? I have 3 dogs. One came to me after her owner died and her teeth were not good. Unfortunately she had to have them done at the vets costing over £550!.. I didn’t see much improvement at first but took photos of before and after and the difference is unbelievable. And I can now let the dogs breathe near me… Highly recommended” ~Sue Brewer


You should visit your Vet once a year for a dental check up. It is also important to continue checking your dog’s mouth regularly to make sure you spot any problems before they become more serious.

If you have any questions about our Ultrasonic Toothbrush for Dogs, please contact us!


Toothpaste: Water, Hydrated Silica, Sorbitol, Glycerin, Disodium Pyrophosphate, CI 77891 (Titanium Dioxide), Sodium Saccharin, Sodium Methylparaben, Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate, Tetrapotassium Pyrophosphate, Xanthan Gum, Aroma. Contains no fluoride, no gluten, no nano material and no micro plastic. AROMA: > 0,1% <1% Orozyme Gel: Enzyme complex: Amylase, glucose oxidase, lactoperoxidase, superoxide dismutase (SOD), potassium thiocyanate, lysozyme, lactoferrin, mild polishing components, non-ionic surfactant, flavours